Aviation & the Law

Aviation law deals with the legal and business matters associated with flight. Depending on the designated air space, jurisdiction for and compliance with aviation law is the responsibility of a number of regulatory bodies including:

  • The UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • The Federal Aviation Administration and other National Aviation Authorities
  • The European Aviation Safety Agency
  • The International Civil Aviation Organisation

With 18 years’ experience in a regulatory capacity, Commander Aviation Services Ltd knows the rules relating to compliance and how to work with the regulatory bodies on your behalf.

We can undertake an audit – either from paperwork supplied or by a site visit to an operator – to check compliance with contractual terms and CAA and EASA operational requirements.

We also audit information supplied with a tender for contract to assess the applicant’s suitability and ability to meet the tendering company’s requirements.

Our expertise extends to areas of new business where new legislation or changes to existing legislation may be required for the business to operate. An example is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), for which we have a good reputation for our expertise within the CAA.

New ICAO Requirements for Business Aircraft Operations

Check the IS-BAO Audit page to see how CAS can help with new ICAO requirements for safety management systems and eventually an overall minimum standard for aircraft operations.

Be safe with IS-BAO and CAS advice